Sunday, 4 August 2013

Weekend Lead Acquisitions

Managed to score some awesome old lead this weekend. All from a new local shop in Coventry called 'A New Model Army'. Only went in there to say hi and have a little look around, ended up spending money and walking out with a handful of classic old miniatures!

The first, and best, models I found were Thrugg Bullneck, Hruk and one of the Troopers from the RTB02 Space Ork Raiders!

Then there was these three Chaos Dwarfs I still needed:

And finally there was this Slann warrior and a Chaos Champion I was still looking for:

There's also these goblins (not from the same shop, I've had them for ages), which I finally decided I'd better base up and undercoat. They're Kev Adams sculpts, from Four A miniatures.

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