Sunday, 14 July 2013

Crimson Fist Company

I was casting my gaze over my desk and top of computer (where many of my models reside...), and noticed that I've managed to put together and paint rather a lot of Rogue Trader era Crimson Fist marines! More than I'd realised. So here's a quick blog post showing what I've got done so far.

First up, a Medic with a boltgun and two Sergeants, one with plasma pistol and chainsword, and one with power glove and bolt pistol.

Three special weapon marines; flamer, meltagun and plasma gun.

Heavy weapon operators; missile launcher and heavy bolter.

The grunts! Twelve space marines with bolters.

Everyone together:

They also have a transport; one Rhino with driver.

That's taken about a year, working on and off. Lot of fun to put together though, probably why I ended up making more than I needed! I've also painted up one Silver Skull marine and a Blood Angel, which I fully intend on making up into full squads as well.
What I really need to do though, is get them some more enemies to fight! And that means more Space Orks!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I saw your RT Space Orks, love the pirate theme!

  2. Nice work, they really add something to pllaying Rogue Trader scenarios.

    1. Yeah, they do help to convey the proper 'feel' to the games! I just wish I had a load of Space Orks or Eldar Pirates done as well, so we could do some more basic battles with them.

  3. Ooo...fantastic stuff! Love those rogue trader era marines. (Any chance of a follow button on the blog?)

    1. Thanks! They were some of the first models I ever had, and it's been fun to revisit them and finally have the skills to do a decent job on them (unlike my crude childhood attempts!).
      I had a look at adding a follow button, but couldn't find one to add. I already have a few followers, so there must already be a button somewhere!