Sunday, 1 March 2015

Four A Miniatures - Goblins

Keeping the old blog going this time, is a group of goblins from Four A Miniatures.

Got these at a Hammerhead show some years back (when it was still at Kelham Hall), but they're one of those little projects that took ages to get started! They're such brilliant little miniatures though, I wish I'd painted them sooner.

What I presume to be the leader. A two-headed goblin with swords.
Goblin with bow.
Goblin with two-handed pick.
Goblin with spear and shield.
Goblin with mace and shield.

Lots of fun to paint and I'm hoping to one day get some of the other sets of goblins from Four A.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Combat Cards - Droog Warfiend

Continuing my little side project, I present to you the next in the series...Droog Warfiend!

Bit of a silly name, but a fierce champion of chaos nonetheless.

The card:
Original Droog Warfiend

My tribute:
My take on Droog

This one was slightly easier than Kyrax Doomquake, since most of the model is bone armour over plain black. However, the sword was tricky to get the red and the black to blend together properly, and I still don't think it's quite right. And his face definately isn't as close to the card as it should be, but it's the best I could manage!

The only other thing is his shield. Currently, it's actually blank, as I have absolutely no idea what's on it! If anyone has a picture of his shield design, I'd love to see it so I can complete the model properly.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Combat Cards - Kyrax Doomquake

In my first post about Combat Cards (here), I talked about the cards and showed the two miniatures I'd painted to match the models on the cards. In this post, I present the third of my homages to these classic miniatures.

The card:
Original Kyrax Doomquake
And my tribute:

My version of Kyrax Doomquake

This was a challenging model to paint, because the blue was a strange shade that I didn't have, I ended up mixing a little purple into a light blue to get it. The white was tricky (as white always is), and the odd shade of purple for the shield rim took some experimenting to get right. The shield design itself wasn't as tricky as I thought it would be, although the design itself is not something I would ever have be able to create!