Sunday, 14 July 2013

Crimson Fist Company

I was casting my gaze over my desk and top of computer (where many of my models reside...), and noticed that I've managed to put together and paint rather a lot of Rogue Trader era Crimson Fist marines! More than I'd realised. So here's a quick blog post showing what I've got done so far.

First up, a Medic with a boltgun and two Sergeants, one with plasma pistol and chainsword, and one with power glove and bolt pistol.

Three special weapon marines; flamer, meltagun and plasma gun.

Heavy weapon operators; missile launcher and heavy bolter.

The grunts! Twelve space marines with bolters.

Everyone together:

They also have a transport; one Rhino with driver.

That's taken about a year, working on and off. Lot of fun to put together though, probably why I ended up making more than I needed! I've also painted up one Silver Skull marine and a Blood Angel, which I fully intend on making up into full squads as well.
What I really need to do though, is get them some more enemies to fight! And that means more Space Orks!