Friday, 6 September 2013

Oldhammer Day - Realms of Chaos picture report

Better late than never! Real Life managed to get in the way of doing this earlier, but finally, I'd like to share some of the photos I took of the Realm of Chaos battle that raged during most of saturday. I'm not going to comment on all of them, just the ones where I can remember what was happening!

The warband of Herzog Spinecleaver prepares for battle!

The battlefield as the warbands line up.

Herzog's warband advances.

Jason's warband meanders across some nice fields!

Gorox the minotaur bravely charged the troll, but sadly it was tougher than expected.

Herzog's beastmen hold out surprisingly well against a pair of ogres.

The troll joins the fight against Herzog and his men.

Charged in the rear by some cowardly Slaaneshi git riding a scary horse, the beastmen leg it! This was effectively the end of my warband, as everyone else was dead and the beastmen were herded off the table by the enemy beastmen. :(

Khorne and Slaanesh troops fight on the left flank.

Khorne forces advance.

I think these Orcs were on the Slannesh side, but not sure.

Warlord Paul of The Black Hole blog moves his troops.

The RoC battle in full swing!

What looks like a huge brawl is in fact Slaaneshi troops who have been entranced and drawn in by the magic axe of the Chaos Dwarf in the middle!
The battle draws to a close, with the Slaaneshi deviants in control of the field. (Boo!)
And that was that! The Khorne side was entirely wiped out by the end (we wuz outnumbered!), but hopefully we might get some revenge next year! Also, note to self; bring fire to kill that f****ng troll!!