Sunday, 16 February 2014

Moar Space Lizards!

So, having completed the first group of space lizards, I decided I might as well use up the rest of the lizardman parts and make some more. Also, I had lots more weapons I thought might look cool in the hands of a lizard from spaaaace!

Here then , is the second group of space lizards;

Space lizard trooper with carbine and scanner.
This lizard has a hasslefree pulse carbine and a bio/energy scanner from a Tau firewarrior. Quite conveniently, it turns out that both saurus and tau hands have three fingers and a thumb, so I didn't even have to cut the scanner out of the tau's hand. The tau hands are slightly smaller, but I dont think its too noticeable.

Space lizard trooper with carbine.

Space lizard trooper with Graviton Gun.

This lizard is toting a "matter displacement gun" from Max Mini.

Space lizard specialist with heavy weapon.

This big gun is a plasma rifle from a Tau battlesuit. This lizard required a ridiculous amount of cutting and repositioning!

Space Skink troopers with carbine weapons.
These little guys came about because I also discovered a box of skinks in the same cupboard and thought my space lizard force could do with some light scout types. The one on the left holds a heavily modified Tau pulse carbine and the one on the right has a hasslefree plasma rifle.

Right then, better get painting them!