Sunday, 16 February 2014

Moar Space Lizards!

So, having completed the first group of space lizards, I decided I might as well use up the rest of the lizardman parts and make some more. Also, I had lots more weapons I thought might look cool in the hands of a lizard from spaaaace!

Here then , is the second group of space lizards;

Space lizard trooper with carbine and scanner.
This lizard has a hasslefree pulse carbine and a bio/energy scanner from a Tau firewarrior. Quite conveniently, it turns out that both saurus and tau hands have three fingers and a thumb, so I didn't even have to cut the scanner out of the tau's hand. The tau hands are slightly smaller, but I dont think its too noticeable.

Space lizard trooper with carbine.

Space lizard trooper with Graviton Gun.

This lizard is toting a "matter displacement gun" from Max Mini.

Space lizard specialist with heavy weapon.

This big gun is a plasma rifle from a Tau battlesuit. This lizard required a ridiculous amount of cutting and repositioning!

Space Skink troopers with carbine weapons.
These little guys came about because I also discovered a box of skinks in the same cupboard and thought my space lizard force could do with some light scout types. The one on the left holds a heavily modified Tau pulse carbine and the one on the right has a hasslefree plasma rifle.

Right then, better get painting them!


  1. Rawr! They look nice so far, just paint them!

  2. Are you going to end up with a counts-as Tau army in the end??

    1. Hey man! Probably will never make enough to have a counts as army of Tau (or anything else!), as they take so long to build. Plus, I've nearly ran out of Saurus warriors, so I'd have to buy another box if I wanted to build any more of them.

    2. Probably for the best! Force Organisation slot filling can turn into an obligation.

      METAL new Title font!