Monday, 6 January 2014

Space Lizards! Completed!

Over the Christmas period, I've had a chance to do quite a bit of painting and modeling, and the my Space Lizard alternatives I was working on have been painted!

Here we have the entire squad of five Space Lizards:
When painting them, I initially thought about throwing in loads of gold, bronze and other bright colours, along with green or blue skin. But I thought that would look too cartoony, or at least just look like Saurus warriors that had been handed guns. Then I saw a picture of one of these little critters:
It's a Desert Horned Lizard (or something) and I decided that's the kind of lizard I want mine to be!. I also avoided lots of golds and went for a much more militaristic iron with practical red harnesses. The only rich metal colours they got are the copper bands that they have around their wrists and legs.

These are the two troopers with carbines:
The guns are pulse rifles from Hasslefree miniatures

This next lizard is armed with a Plasma Gun, an old Ork variant, possibly picked up by the lizard after a battle somewhere:

Then we have the squad sniper, armed with a rather exotic looking sniper system. I've also thought that this could serve as a either a anti-tank gun or even a rapid firing squad-support weapon:

This of course, is the leader. He's wielding a pistol (of similar origins to the carbines) and a rather dangerous looking close combat weapon. I'd probably give this the same profile as a chainsword, as it looks like it could easily deal the same kind of damage:

Lastly, here's a shot of their backs, showing the harnesses I sculpted on and the equipment attached to it:
They all have knives as a backup weapon, and some of them have ammo clips too. The lizard on the far left also carries what might be a communicator or scanner of some kind.

So, that's my Space Lizards! They've been a lot of fun to build and paint, so I'll probably do some more to round out the force. But in the meantime, I'm also dabbling with making my own Space Zoats...


  1. Wow, what a charming group of lizards you got there! Really love their aspect and what you got there!

  2. I really like those, the weapon conversions and the skin(scale?) tone is absolutely great and fits perfectly in the rogue trader mood.
    All pieces blend perfectly s that you don't remember where they're from which is (imo) the sign of a good conversion.
    Som egreat ideas to be stolen here ;)

  3. Excellent work as ever dude, I particularly like the glow of the pulse carbines, and even though it's a mundane detail, the harnesses and shoulder pads add a lot to the overall look. Looking forward to the Zoats, this makes me ache to play Rogue Trader scenarios at Dreamdealers again!

    1. Cheers mate! Get your ass back over to UK-land then! Between you, me and a couple of other guys at Dreamdealers, we'd have a decent little retro gaming group going!