Monday, 22 April 2013

Name Change

I've implemented a quick name change to my blog, it's now "The Impossible Fortress". Still Tzeentchian in nature, but better reflects the concept I had of a 'place' (the fortress) rather than a 'thing' (the servant) to store my accumulated knowledge and musings, so that others may find them.

I hope the name and domain name change has updated on whoever follows or visits here! Otherwise I'll have to start finding followers all over again!

Coming soon; more Rhino updates!
Plus; Necromunda terrain!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Slaves to Darkness Beastman units

With all the OldHammer and Realms of Chaos stuff going on at the moment, I've been flicking through my copy of Slaves to Darkness, when I spotted this:

There's something about those units of nearly identical beastmen that I really love. Somehow they've made a unit of uniform models look ace. They're all painted slightly differently, and if you look closely, there's a few head swaps. Plus the banner bearers are simply conversions of the basic model.

I've decided I want a unit like that!
(Ultimately I want an ARMY like in that picture!)
But with the price of original metal beastmen, forget it. Plus there's no way I could source enough of the same model even if I had infinite ebay money....

The solution is obvious, make plastic copies of the one original model I do have! Purists will probably be recoiling in horror at the suggestion, but there's really no other way. And as with all the things I duplicate, they never go beyond my possession. That's a line I don't cross.

Anywho, having silicone moulded the original beastmen, the results were surprisingly good.
The flash doesn't help, but the detail is pretty good. There's the occasional airbubble, but they came out a lot better than I was expecting (especially the weapons). Now it's just a case of duping up about ten of each to start with, and painting them in a similar fashion to the ones in the book!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Rhino #2

I've been working on many different projects recently, most notably terrain and miniatures for our current Necromunda campaign (more on that later). But I've made significant progress on my second Rhino transport (the one I picked up at Hammerhead in february).

After soaking in Dettol for a few weeks (the paint was VERY thick) and having a thorough scrubbing, it looked a bit like this:

Not pretty.

Anyway, I'd decided it was going to be an Imperial Army vehicle. I figured that army transports wouldn't be nearly so well maintained as space marine ones, and since this was so battered and beat up anyway, it fitted that description.

The first thing I had to do was replace the exhaust nozzles, which had all broken off long ago:
So I made four new nozzles from plastruct 2mm round rod:
Then drilled and pinned them to the exhausts:

Then I looked at the back, and remembered that the previous owner had put the rear hatch on upside down (sigh...):
So I filed the vision slit off and replaced it with some vent type thing I had lying around:

Finally, being an army vehicle, I added loads of these stowage thingies to it:
So now it looks like this:
Notice it also has an aerial (that curved bit of wire).

Now all I have to do is decide on a camoflage scheme for it!...