Monday, 1 April 2013

Rhino #2

I've been working on many different projects recently, most notably terrain and miniatures for our current Necromunda campaign (more on that later). But I've made significant progress on my second Rhino transport (the one I picked up at Hammerhead in february).

After soaking in Dettol for a few weeks (the paint was VERY thick) and having a thorough scrubbing, it looked a bit like this:

Not pretty.

Anyway, I'd decided it was going to be an Imperial Army vehicle. I figured that army transports wouldn't be nearly so well maintained as space marine ones, and since this was so battered and beat up anyway, it fitted that description.

The first thing I had to do was replace the exhaust nozzles, which had all broken off long ago:
So I made four new nozzles from plastruct 2mm round rod:
Then drilled and pinned them to the exhausts:

Then I looked at the back, and remembered that the previous owner had put the rear hatch on upside down (sigh...):
So I filed the vision slit off and replaced it with some vent type thing I had lying around:

Finally, being an army vehicle, I added loads of these stowage thingies to it:
So now it looks like this:
Notice it also has an aerial (that curved bit of wire).

Now all I have to do is decide on a camoflage scheme for it!...


  1. soak your toothbrush in turps when scrubbing off dettol, it works great for me it breaks all the gunk down and leaves a smooth clean finish, looking good

    1. I'll certainly try that. I knew that using water after dettol only reconstituted the paint gunk. I'll have to grab some turps before trying this again!

  2. Awesome repair job, techmarine! There's something very noble about nursing trashed models back to health.

    1. Thanks! It's starting to get properly painted now, and it's looking good. Especially as it used to be a chaos rhino, now reclaimed for the Imperium!