Friday, 22 March 2013

Space Orks!

Well, not quite. But close.

I've wanted some Space Orks for my Rogue Trader missions, but buying the original RT metal models is prohibitively expensive. I thus decided to search for an alternative, the answer was found with a sale at Wayland games. They were shifting a load of old stock, which including a selection of Mantic boxes. Now Mantic stuff is cheap anyway (20 models for £20, not bad!), but when I saw a Marauder Grunts Platoon box for just over a tenner, I thought I'd give it a punt. If it didn't work out, I wouldn't have lost much.

While the models are quite limited in the sculpts and their poses, but they're just multipart enough to be convertable. However, they are much smaller than the current GW Orks (which have become parodies of themselves really), and their proportions (and teeth) are much more plausible.
The box contains 20 models, but I've only managed to complete four so far. Mostly as an experiment, so see if converting them would actually work at all. Eventually I want to have ten with bolt pistols and hand weapons, and ten with bolters/special weapons.
There's a lot more detail on the models than I expected, which is why it took me so long to get around to painting them!
With space marine boltgun and orky plasma gun.
With bolt pistols and hand weapons.
Those pistols are the ones the Marauders come with, but since the Rogue Trader definition (and appearance) of weapons is very loose, I figured there's no reason why they can't just use them as is. Lemme know what you think, do these work as RT Space Orks?

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