Saturday, 2 March 2013

Rhino update

The Rhino I dismantled earlier has been reassembled and basecoated. I'm planning on using lots of washes and weathering powders on this bad boy, eventually.

Rebuilt and undercoated.
Now the highlighting and detailing can begin!


  1. Hey Ninja,
    you have done a great job from the photos you can't tell it's been stripped, I am guessing that colour is blue but on my PC it looks live a space wolf grey, next stop ?

    1. Thanks Jason. This isn't the Rhino that I dettolled, this is the one I just took apart and reassembled. The dettolled one is still dettolling!

      It's basecoated a dark blue, which is the Crimson Fists base colour. I'm about to post an update showing highlights and some detailing on it.

      As for the rhino marines, if I could get cheap ones, maybe!...