Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I've finally completed the alien force for my upcoming Rogue Trader scenario! There's 12 aliens and one alien leader. I've deliberately not named their species because I don't want them to be any kind of identifiable race (like orks or eldar). The reason for this is to emphasise the way you can use Rogue Trader as a 'generic sci-fi' game; humans vs aliens! Although obviously the human side comprises space marines and imperial army.

This generic sci-fi feel is something I'd hoping to incorporate into other future scenarios. I can't really explain why I'd rather do things this way, but it's something to do with creative freedom I suppose. I like the idea of events being set within the Warhammer 40,000 Imperium that everyone is familiar with, but I want to move away from the 'GrimDarkness' and the 'Endless War'.

Anyway, the aliens!!
The models are actually 'Palansi' from the Cobalt-1 diceless miniatures game. I never played Cobalt-1, but it is by all accounts, rubbish. However, the models are actually quite good, especially these Palansi aliens. I had three blisters of them from some ten years ago, but they're still available from Black Hat Miniatures for a very reasonable £7 for a blister of three.
The alien leader
I've created a custom stat profile and weapon profile for them, so they're completely different to anything in the rulebook. They're quite difficult to damage with shooting (the reason will remain a mystery for now!) but up close, they're almost useless!. The aliens are armed with Bio-plasma casters and the leader has a Power Scythe! Ooooh!

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