Saturday, 2 March 2013

Necromunda Orlock Gang

We've recently started a Necromunda campaign at Dreamdealers gaming club in Coventry, and this is my Orlock gang, Tannen's 'Mad Dogs'! Points if you can get all the pop culture references!

My leader; 'Mad Dog' Tannen (he hates that name), and the gang's heavy; 'Bear Strangler' McGee.
 My 'shooters', from left to right; 'Dangerous' Dan McGrew, 'The Riviera Kid', 'Doc' Brown and Lola.
 The shotgun duo; 'Bloodbath' McGrath and 'Lawless' Lucy.
 The juves; Clint, Wayne and Marty, all armed with knives and autopistols.
They're all armed pretty much as you see them (other than a few pistols and knives). The fully painted ones are models I painted probably over ten years ago now, while Riviera, Lola and Lucy are all in the process of being painted.
You may be wondering what two Eschers are doing in an Orlock gang... Well I needed the extra models with those weapons and since time was short I didn't want to be messing about converting other Orlocks I had. Thus, the first equal opportunities Orlock gang was founded!

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