Sunday, 24 February 2013

More Vehicles

I've got a lot of old retro Space Marine vehicles lying around the place now, all of which I'm planning on restoring and repainting, mainly for my retro Crimson Fists marines.
My retro Crimson Fists marines!
Along with the Rhino that's currently soaking in Dettol, I also have this second Rhino that I picked up on evilbay for about a fiver:
 I've managed to dismantle it into it's main components, mostly because it wasn't put together quite right and had large gaps between the hull and the track modules.

This original Predator is one I bought from GW myself, back in the mid 90s. I painted it to go with a small contingent of White Scars marines I had at the time. It's quite a neat paintjob, but I always regretted going with White Scars, as my vehicles always looked unfinished, since I knew nothing of washes or weathering back then.
My Predator tank
 Finally, we have this Dreadnaught. It's not a Rogue Trader dread, but it is the first of the new style of dreads they made for space marine forces (when 2nd edition 40k was released). As such, this beast is solid metal!
A solid metal dreadnaught!
Eventually, all of these vehicles will be repainted in the colours of the Crimson Fists, giving the marines some much needed heavy support.

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