Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hammerhead 2013

Today myself, my girlfriend, my mate Steve and his daughter Alice all braved the conditions and ventured up to Newark to attend HAMMERHEAD 2013! The weather was overcast grey and raining a lot (perfect wargames convention weather) but we got there in good time and were among the first inside the venue.
Kelham Hall, Newark

We arrived and went straight to the snack bar for a bacon butty and a cup of tea! There was a lot of participation games on, some recognisable, others obscure, and some plain strange. Of course, the traders and the bring-and-buy were the main attractions for us, and although I'd hoped for some certain items (P3 paints and old White Dwarfs mainly) I still managed to acquire the following:
Lets break this down shall we:
First we have four blisters of furniture from Ainsty Castings. I have plans for this little lot!
Next we have some scenic items from Zinge Industries. Ladders and those little wheel lock things you get on hatch doors and steam pipes are really hard to scratch build, so I happily paid some moneys to get some. I've already used one ladder on the latest piece of Necromunda terrain I've been building.
Then there's these little blast and fire markers from Litko. I've been meaning to buy some of these for years. I don't quite know what I'm going to use them for yet, but I'm sure they'll come in handy at some point.
Moving on, there's a varying selection of old, battered and frankly random second hand models that I found on various stalls and the bring-and-buy (which actually had some stuff I wanted to buy this year!).
There's a blister of Escher gangers to add to the gang box I bought last week, there's some Rogue Trader plastic Space Orks with a shit-ton of spare arms and weapons, and another bag of Ork weapons. There was also a few old lead models which are already in the Dettol jar!
Finally, there's this gem. I found it at the bring-and-buy, just as I'd passed over about five other modern Rhinos. It's got a lot of junk on it, but once it's Dettol'd and refurbished, it'll be a great transport for my retro Crimson Fists marines!

All in all, a good day!

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