Sunday, 12 May 2013

40k Rogue Trader Mission: 'Contact Lost' - Part 2

And so, to the conclusion of this mission. It should be noted that the objectives of this mission were for both sides to claim five hidden pieces of experimental tech and get them and their remaining troops back to their own exit point (dropship for the Imperials, teleport sphere for the aliens). Each side would gain victory points for each piece of tech they got back to their exit point, and lose VPs for each casualty they suffered. Since the numbers on each side were not even, tech devices and casualties were worth differing VPs to each side. But they did all add up so that each side could score and lose an equal amount of VPs.

So, will the Imperials find out what happened at their outpost, or will the aliens succeed in getting away with the experimental Imperial technology? Read on to find out!

 The Imperials begint to fan out and move into the eerily quiet compound...

Meanwhile on the other side, the aliens advance through Gate 2, past the security bunker...

Some aliens advance into the inner courtyard.

While others sneak around the back of the buildings.

The Imperials make use of gaps cut in the perimeter fence to gain entry.

The aliens find their first piece of experimental Imperial tech, but continue to advance, rather than get the item back to their teleport sphere.

Aliens continue to make their way further into the compound, and have yet to encounter anyone else.

A survivor!! Unfortunately this terrified scientist was discovered by the aliens, who quickly killed him.

Another survivor!! This technician is much luckier, discovered as he was by Crimson Fist marines!

Contact! The Crimson Fist rescue team emerge from the building only to discover some hideous xenos lurking outside! They immediately open fire without hesitation, gunning down two rather surprised aliens!

Meanwhile, aliens attempt to outflank their opponents behind one of the buildings.

 The aliens take cover behind a parked Rhino, to shelter from the hail of gunfire unleashed by the marines!

A gun-battle quickly erupts in the middle of the compound!

The Imperial right flank forms a gunline to keep the aliens pinned down...

...While Corporal Bakun gets the VIP out the back...!

 The marines on the Imperial left flank, led by Sergeant Thorson, engage the xenos scum in close combat!

With Thorson's marines is Sergeant 'Tapper's Tapley and his men, 'Tappers' bravely charges the aliens, seeking to emulate the marine's heroism, while his men provide supporting fire.

One of Sergeant Tapley's men heads back to the dropship with vital experimental technology ("...Just looks like a box with wires, boss...")

Thorson and his marine continue to beat back the aliens in close combat, where they are unable to use their powerful plasma weapons.

Sergeant Tapley also has much success in dealing with the xenos, killing another and taking the experimental technology it had stolen.
 Unfortunately the second alien used its companions demise to get away!

The remaining aliens continue to cluster behind the Rhino, all the while under fire from the marines.

 The marines and army troopers sense the aliens hesitation, and advance!

One of Thorson's marines makes it back to the dropship with another top secret device (Marine: "Looks like a toaster...with blinking lights..." Pilot: "Maybe it is a toaster...?")

 The Imperial army troopers advance fearlessly!

With the aliens on the run, the marines move up.

The remaining three aliens make it back to their teleport sphere with a tech device for their masters to study. After this, the glowing dome of energy shrank and winked out of existence. It is unknown who the mysterious aliens were or where their teleport techology took them. They haven't been seen since.

And that was that! The aliens lost (unsurprisingly) by a large amount, having suffered 10 casualties and only claiming one device. This was mainly down to Stu's overconfidence, advancing on the Imperials when he should have got the tech devices to his teleporter. It wasn't entirely his fault though, I realised after this game, that the aliens were somewhat outgunned (the Imperials having 5 more models, plus special and heavy weapons), so in hindsight, I think the aliens needed more models and perhaps a support weapon of their own. If anyone wishes to run this scenario themselves, I can provide a google document of the entire mission.

Until next time!


  1. What a great story for a battle and what a great enjoyable report! It's really nice to find other RT-ers who have fun with this game!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading it, I was a lot of fun to play. I'd love to run more such games, but there's only a very few people who are still willing to play games like this (sadly).

  2. Great report! I enjoyed reading that. I may have to buy some of those freaky aliens, where are they from?

    1. Thanks! The aliens are Palansi, which can be bought from Black Hat Miniatures:

      For a quite reasonable £7 for a pack of 3!

    2. Great, thanks. Quite a bargain! I will look forward to your next old school report.

  3. Excellent report, great pictures too! Keep them coming!

  4. Thanks for the great read. I know producing these reports is a lot of work but they are appreciated. Can't wait to see more. Got some Green Skins?

    1. No significant greenskin prescence yet. I'm in the process of making some Space Orks from Mantic's Marauder miniatures (I did an earlier blog post about that), but I've also recently acquired Thrugg Bullneck, Hruk and one Ork trooper. I'm probably going to make a mould of the one trooper I have and cast up a load of them to make myself a couple of squads of Space Ork Raiders!

  5. Made can you forward me the scenario pack. I'd love to give that battle report a go!

    1. Sure! I'll dig it out and get it to you one way or another.

    2. I hope this link works, let me know when you've grabbed it!