Thursday, 29 August 2013

Completed Realms of Chaos Warband!

With only two more days to go before the greatest event of old skool gaming, 'Oldhammer: Bring Out Your Lead!', I've finally completed my Realms of Chaos warband for the open participation event.

The final warband roster:

It'll be interesting to see what property his chaos weapon ends up being!

The Beastmen:

Herzog Spinecleaver and his armoured Human fighters:

Gorox, the minotaur:

The entire warband:

Finally, a closeup of the two shields with the face designs that are present in the two units of my warband:
Couldn't be more pleased with them!

Herzog and I are very much looking forward to Oldhammer day!


  1. All looking great! I'll keep an eye out for these on the day (tomorrow!)

    Half wish I'd sorted out my own warband now, but I'll just have to be content with photographing other peoples ones.....

  2. Niiice! Oldhammer day is gonna be rocking!