Thursday, 8 August 2013

Necromunda - 'Tannen's Mad Dogs'

My Necromunda gang has changed somewhat since the beginning of our campaign, and I've painted up some new models, as well as repainted some old ones.
It's come on quite a bit since the first time I posted photos of the gang here.

First up, is 'Mad Dog' Tannen himself and his biggest henchman, 'Bear Strangler' McGee.
Tannen is a new model, as this one better represents his weapons; currently a Bolter and a chainsword.
McGee is also a new model, as I upgraded his stubber to a heavy bolter. I wanted the model of the Orlock heavy with heavy bolter. But as always, ebay vultures meant I couldn't get a look in on any of the few available. :( So I bought the Imperial Guard model Gunnery Sergeant Harker instead, a perfect Necromunda heavy!

Next, is two of my best shooters, the 'Riviera Kid' on the left and 'Dangerous' Dan McGrew on the right.
Riviera has graduated to a boltgun, because he's got both the Marksman skill and a BS of 4. Dan is also a Marksman, but doesn't have a BS of 4 yet, so he sticks with his lasgun.

My gunfighter is 'Bloodbath' McGrath, toting his pistols. He's actually got two bolt pistols now, just need to get around to swapping out his last autopistol. The second model is 'Doc' Brown, an effective all round fighter (despite his arm and chest injuries) with his shotgun and chainsword.

Here we have two of the gang's three ladies (equal opportunities Orlock gang!). Lola (pink hair) is a Markswoman, reaching out to 36" with her lasgun, 'Lawless' Lucy (blue hair) is also a Markswoman, but has retained her shotgun (which now has a 27" range!). She's also an effective close combat fighter, hence her chainsword.

These next three are former juves, Wayne, Marty and Clint, who have graduated to ganger status. Only Clint has actually improved from WS/BS 2, which is why he now has an Autogun, to benefit from his BS3. Despite some skills and other stat advancements, the Wayne and Marty are still effectively just juves that can work territories, so they retain their pistols and close combat weapons.

Finally, we have the actual juves of the gang, Biff, Callisto and 'Crash' McLarson. They try their best, but usually get beaten up a lot. Callisto and 'Crash' were free juves that I recruited from my Settlement territory!

So far, they've all done me proud, and fought valiantly in our battles with the rival gangs of our underhive sector. They've also been a blast to convert and paint. :)


  1. Biff Tannen's guys! Simply love the idea! They look great, nice work on making the band truly personal, this is the kind of things that make the game worth it.

    1. Buford Tannen actually! Some of them anyway. There's names drawn from many different films and TV shows there!

      One slight bit of bad news, After posting this, 'Crash' McLarson died in his first battle last week. :( He will be mourned.