Thursday, 22 August 2013

Realm of Chaos Oldhammer Day Warband

I've been busy putting together a warband for the Realm of Chaos game at this year's very first Oldhammer 'Bring out your Lead!' event at Wargames Foundry in Nottingham.

My warband is a Khorne one, simply because I can't bring myself to fight for Slaanesh!

I've followed Orlygg's "Warband Creation Kit" as closely as I can, but I haven't rolled for anything. Now this might seem like I'm going against everything that Realm of Chaos is about, but my selection of models is limited. Because of this, I'm taking the 'visual' approach to assembling my warband. 'What models do I have?' and 'which of them would make a good looking warband?'

To that end, I've selected this model as my champion:

I got him painted up months ago, in anticipation of this event, before I even knew if I could actually go or not! He is yet to be named, although I think I might use the random name generator in Slaves to Darkness to come up with some inspiration. :)
Being a champion of Khorne, he has the chaos armour reward and is armed with a halberd. He has no steed, so his halberd will also be a chaos weapon. Because he will be a level 10 human hero, he gets three "rolls" on the retinue table. Since I don't have models of everything on that table (especially painted ones!) this is what he'll be getting!

His first group of followers, a mob of eight Beastmen of Khorne:
Had a lot of beastmen cluttering up the place so I saw those as ideal minions for my champion. As per the retinue table in Slaves to Darkness, they have light armour, shields (when I get them finished!) and hand weapons.

Next is his second group of minions, six humans:
My champion is stood there in the middle of them (and two are at the back), because I intend for him to lead this unit. They are probably be his underlings from his past life, whatever that might have been, so it seems right that he should lead them into battle.
Even though they're actually chaos warrior models (which might alarm some players on the day! As actual chaos warriors in Oldhammer are double hard bastards! Each one in effect a champion themselves.) these are basic humans, but the retinue table allows them to be equipped with heavy armour, shields and hand weapons, so that's what they are. I had a lot of chaos warrior models, but very few thugs!

Finally, we have his monstrous beast, a single minotaur, which follows the warband around:
Armed with a double-handed weapon (none of this 'great weapon' nonsense in Oldhammer!), I'm hoping he'll do some damage against those soft-bodied Slaaneshi deviants! And with any luck, not get shot or blasted by some cowardly archers or wizards!

I was thinking of calling him Gorox. Obviously the paintwork isn't quite finished yet, but I couldn't wait to get started on painting him, so he's part done for now.

I've also started on some shields, following Orlygg's superb 'retro shield painting guide'! I've never attempted anything like these before, but they seem to be turning out ok.
Just got teeth and eyes to add. I don't think I'll have time to paint all 14 shields I need like this in time for the event! So most of the models might just have somewhat more basic shield designs!

I'll post again once I've developed a bit of backstory to my warband, and hopefully got a bit further with the painting.


  1. Excellent ! The band looks promising and you're really heading in the good way with the shields especially wwith the green one and its gloomy and sinister look.

    1. Thanks! I'd have liked another minotaur, but I've only got the one double-handed weapon model, so one is all my warband gets!

  2. Excellent! I am really looking forward to seeing these in the flesh on the day!

    1. They'll be there! I surprised myself on how well those shields are turning out. A testament to your wonderful shield painting tutorial I think! I've been enthused to find some other shield designs to try and emulate!