Thursday, 31 January 2013

On The Workbench

Well with a full time job and two cats to look after, time is always short for hobby related stuff (thank Tzeentch I don't have any kids yet...). No battle report just yet (that'll take a while to write), so just a quick update on what is (amongst a crap-ton of other stuff) currently on my workbench (desk).

Something I've just completed (sort of):

 These guys are the first five of a squad of ten Imperial Army troopers! Yes that's right, 'Army'. In 40k Rogue Trader they weren't yet Imperial Guard, they were army. They'll hopefully be used in some retro games of RT at some point, I have a couple of scenarios written already that involve them, some space marines, and some mystery aliens!

Next up:
Some mystery aliens! I know what they are, but can anyone else recognise the game these guys are from? Although the game was shit, these aliens are great looking models and make excellent 'generic' aliens, when you need something other than Orks or Eldar. I also quite like the hex bases they came with.

New Necromunda terrain! It'll be some sort of fuel storage tank or something. I need to find a few doodads to add on to it so it doesn't look too plain once it's painted.

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