Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bandwagons and Ambulls

So, what with all this blogging going on, I've decided to jump on the blog bandwagon and start my own! Since I don't have a website anymore, I figured this would be the next best method of showing what I've been doing in the world of wargaming and miniature painting. I'm hoping to talk about  painting, terrain building, scenario designing, moulding and casting, and possibly even some battle reports!

First up then, so get the ball rolling, here's a quick rundown of the first figure I moulded and cast up, a Citadel 'Rogue Trader' Ambull.

This is the mould, the box walls are made of lego (thus allowing a mould of any size) and you can see the first half of the two part mould already in the box with the 'master' figure and 'air vent' sticks. The second half of the mould was then mixed and poured in on top, and left to cure.

Next, after the mould had cured, it was cleaned up and prepped for casting (I'll try and do a post on that process at some point). The results of the first casts are always a bit ropey, as you never quite know where additional air vents need to be created. So the first few casts usually have a lot of bubbles in them. Here you can see the master figure with the first cast figure. The green bits are where I've had to fill in air bubbles with green stuff:

Having cast up a few of the beasts, I painted them up. Once painted, they're indistinguishable from the real metal ones (which, by the way, are rare as rocking horse shit!), until you pick them up, of course!

Until next time!...


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Ninja!

    I'm looking forward to seeing a walkthrough of the process. Got any more scenarios in the pipeline?

    1. Thanks mate! I've got more things planned for moulding and casting up, so I hope to make a more detailed 'how to'. I also have MANY more ideas for scenarios! Just need to get the models and scenery sorted! Which reminds me; time to write up a proper battle report for that Rogue Trader raid mission we did last year!

  2. Last year! Makes it sound like ages ago. I'm watching a rogue trader rulebook at the moment on ebay, if it doesn't end up too pricey I might go for it.

  3. Fantastic post I may have to have go in the future, let us know if you cast anything else I would love to see the results