Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fiends and Zoats

Right, it's about time I wrote some sort of new post or something, otherwise this blogging malarkey is going to grind to a halt before it's even started!

This is the cast I made of a model I'm very lucky to already own. I don't know when or where I bought it, but I've had it for ages. It is a Warhammer Fantasy Zoat. Rather than just paint up the one I have, I decided to make a mould of it and paint the cast ones. That way (as with everything I've moulded) I can have as many as I want! Without having to pay the extortionate evilbay prices (fuck you ebay!). This is something I intend to do with a lot of the vintage models I have (and will buy in the future), such as my classic 80s Chaos Warriors. I want to be able to have some great retro games without having to line the pockets of the ebay ripoff mechants!

Next up is a Fiend of Slaanesh. Unfortunately it's not the very first incarnation of the Fiend (I hope to acquire of those one day), I think it's from 4th or 5th edition Warhammer parhaps? I don't know. Either way it's a nice model and I moulded and cast it so I can have as many as I want for any Realms of Chaos games I might try to run.

And for the interested, this is what those models look like before they're assembled and painted. Even though the models above were the best casts I'd made, they still had some air bubbles here and there. Bit it wasn't much trouble to fill these in with a bit of green stuff. Not a too dissimilar process you might undertake to most other miniatures one might buy these days!

I should point out of course, that this moulding and casting is something that I do because these models are old, rare and not in production any more. I wouldn't, and I don't recommend, that anyone go casting up figures that are still readily available from the original manufacturers. Although it's not illegal to do so (as long as you don't try and sell them to anyone, then it is very much illegal!), it doesn't do the hobby any good, as these companies need to make money. They have a right to make a living just like everyone else (except the evilbay extortionists...). Having said that, casting up these vintage models is a great way to get lots of them for that retro army you've always wanted!

Next up, a battle report I think!

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