Saturday, 1 November 2014

Some Old Worlders!

As well as the Rogue Trader stuff and terrain building I've done, I have also been steadily creating a collection of miniatures for fantasy games. I already have sizable Chaos, Beastmen and Undead armies from way back in my Warhammer days, so I have plenty of "evil" units, but I have very little in the way of "good guys". I.e. men, elves, dwarfs, etc. At some point in the future, I hope (it's a very faint hope, but it's there!) to play a proper Warhammer Siege game, and I'll need some valiant fortress defenders. So I'm creating a few small units of Old Worlders for that purpose. Although they may well see some action in some skirmish games before then.

These are all old ex-Citadel 'Feudals' from that I've bought from Wargames Foundry whenever I've seen them at shows (like Triples).


Hopefully be grabbing another pack of these later to make a couple of decent sized units.


Again, I need quite a few more to have enough for some full infantry units.


These would probably be used as unit leaders I think, in the infantry units.

I also have some men-at-arms with spears and shields and a pack of armed peasants that are currently being painted up to add to these.Still, I think it'll be quite a while yet until I have enough valiant defenders of men to take on the forces of evil!


  1. Great stuff especially the "white knight" such a great pose very dynamic. Is it citadel as well? I like what you've done with the overall aesthetic; peasant recruited archers in a myriad of colours, professional soldiers in their lord's livery and knights bearing their own coat(s) of arms. Really great stuff

    1. Yeah, that was the general idea when painting these. The archers would be peasants wearing their own gear, the men-at-arms would also wear their own kit but with a tarbard showing the unit they fought with (either belonging to a town or a baron or something) and the knights obviously have their own heraldry and equipment.
      They are all ex-Citadel 'Feudals' from Wargames Foundry:

  2. Nice work, I must admit I neglect the 'good guys', and they are often really handy to have around.

    Also, you should post up some of your great old Realm of Chaos figures, alongside their combat cards, between blog posts sometimes!