Saturday, 4 October 2014

Rogue Trader Robots and Critters!

Depite not blogging much recently, I have still been painting and whatnot. Some sci-fi, some fantasy, some terrain building (such as in my last post). I've been trying to build up a selection of minatures so that I have a greater variety of things to use when thinking up scenarios.

To that end, may I present the following!


I've currently painted up four dinosaur models, they're all plastic toys sourced from various shops and museums. Although I've put a space marine in each picture for scale, the size of dinosaurs is largely irrelevent (as long as they're bigger than the average humanoid, it'll do!).
A large Triceratops.
A slightly smaller Triceratops.
I'm pretty sure this one's fictional...
A Pachycephalosaurus.
Next I've put together a couple of Robots. Now I'm very fussy when it comes to Rogue Trader robots. I don't actually like the original RT robot miniatures that much, but then I discovered some old Battletech: Dark Age clix miniatures in the back of an old cupboard at my mum's house. And immediately I saw an opportunity to convert some Imperial Robots out of them. The painting is complete, but I'm intending to add some transfers to the flat areas to add some visual detail.
Fire support robot with heavy bolter and missile launcher.
Assault robot with twin bolters, flamer and jump pack.
Although they're already a good scale, I rebased them and removed most of the original weapons from these Battletech mechs, then added some more familiar 40k weaponry. I think this helps to put them into the correct setting, rather than just looking like Battletech miniatures 'proxying' as RT robots.

Some months ago (and I swear this is true) I arrived at work to find a bag of genestealers on my desk, left there by one of my colleagues who knew I collected miniatures. Inside was a mix of classic genestealers (from Space Crusade and original Space Hulk) and some of the newer 'stealer designs from the current Tyranid range. So I've painted up a few of the classics as adversaries for my RT Imperial forces.
"Grrrr! Arrrrgh!"
Brown trousers time...
Finally, a Space Ork Raider.

Nothing much else to say about him, other than he is the first painted one of many more to come.


  1. Everything's looks great but especially the ork skin tone they will be a great looking force

  2. I just love the robots, I definitely need some myself !

    Funny to see this space ork raider, I'm painting this one and some friends of his at this very moment, they're a fun bunch !

    Oh and totally jealous about the genestealers but well deserved ;)

    Good job.

  3. Great work as always, nice to see the old Genestealers. I like the repurposed robots; how do you feel about the style of the new Forge world Mechanicus robot things?

    1. I really like the Forge World Mechanicus robots, especially the Castellax battle automata. And the larger Thanatars are awesome (but far too expensive for my wallet!). But all those Mechanicum models do have the old Rogue Trader feel to them I think.

  4. Just stumbled across your blog, again? As I thought I'd added you to blogger, but I guess rectified.

    I read this post & realised that I'd posted about the very same thing a few months earlier. I have the same sentiments to you about FW robots, in regards to the expense, because they do indeed look great.

    But I still have a soft spot for the RT era robots. I think the main problem is that you just don't see that many painted up, and the one's that are, were mainly painted up by GW back when they were released. And they don't look that great, a bit like combat clowns! It's a bit hard to get inspired by minis if they aren't well represented.

    Anywho, I bought a bunch of those Mechs on Ebay a few years back to use in an RT setting. I've only managed to base up a few so far, but I've stolen a few appendages off some of the others to replace dreadnought arms too :)

    Their awesome value & fit in the RT aesthetic seamlessly.

    Anyway, if your interested, here's a link to my blog post about said toys,