Sunday, 3 November 2013

Silver Skulls!

Since painting the retro Blood Angels space marines, I wanted to make the single Silver Skull marine I'd painted into a full squad. I've now got five of them done, including a sergeant and a special weapon.

Silver Skull space marine squad.
Sergeant with bolt pistol and power axe.
Special weapon marine with plasma gun.
Marines with bolters.
Although I'm pleased with how they turned out, the photos make the paintwork (especially the drybrushing) on them look a bit grainy. They do look much better in reality!

While the beaky marines never cease to be fun to build and paint, I think I'll have to take a break from them for a while, and perhaps concentrate on building them some more enemies to fight! I've still got a box of Mantic Marauders that I want to finish converting into some more Space Ork raiders.


  1. Hum, nice combination of pieces and colours. Hope they see some action soon!

    1. It would be nice for them to see some tabletop action, but sadly it's not very likely anytime soon. It's modern 40k or nothing at my club these days! :(